Brophy & Bailey

Believe it or not, these two Dachshunds were a little shy when they first showed up. I had to proceed with caution when introducing them to their new temporary roommate, a big yellow ball of energy in the form of a Golden Retriever named Molly. While Molly is super friendly and thrilled to meet any new playmate, I had to make sure she didn’t scare the little wiener dogs when they first met. You only get one chance at a first impression!

I waited until Molly was worn out from the dog park and had settled down for the evening. I introduced them all at once, since Brophy & Bailey are definitely more comfortable together. I sweetened the experience with a treat for everyone, and within about 10 minutes, they were playing together like they’d been friends for years. Molly was careful not to be too rough with the little ones, and the formerly ‘shy’ Dachshunds were quickly enamored with the large Golden, eagerly following her wherever she went.

As you can see in the video, all three were constantly competing for my full attention – eager to show their appreciation for all of the fun we’d been having together. My biggest problem with this group was that I didn’t have three hands to pet them all at the same time! All guests during this DogVacay booking turned out to be an absolute pleasure, and I would welcome them back anytime.

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