Dog Training

Bandyt practices sit-stay

Bandyt practices sit-stay

So you've brought home that new puppy or adopted an older pooch and everything's great. Things would be a little better if he didn't jump on visitors, pull on the leash, and chew up the TV remote. Whether you’re just hoping to keep him out of the kitchen garbage or want to impress the crowd at the dog park with fancy Frisbee tricks, Pet Prodigy can help.

Turn your problem dog into a pet prodigy!

Our dogs often act like little kids. They can be spoiled, bratty, stubborn, and disobedient. Frustrated dog owners often forget a simple fact that makes dogs infinitely easier to train than children! Once basic needs for safety and comfort are met, your dog's primary goal in life is to please his pack leader, which should be you. Even 'old' dogs can learn new tricks by creating simple associations tying the desired positive behavior to something your dog wants. It could be a favorite toy, a treat, or even a simple ‘good boy’. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to dog training! Though dogs of the same breed share some characteristics, they are all individuals. A training program must be tailored not only to fit your dog’s temperament, age, and personality, but also must also take into account his routine, environment, and the dynamics of the relationship with his best friend and pack leader. Learn more

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