Dogs need to Play

So many behavioral problems associated with so-called ‘hyperactive’ dogs are simply the result of not enough exercise or playtime. Playing with your dog is an essential activity that strengthens your bond and encourages positive habits. If your dog has tons of pent-up energy, how can he be expected to concentrate on heeding your commands?

Excerpted from YouTube description, courtesy of Kong Corporation:

A number of scientific studies on human and animal social interactions stress the importance of play. Humans and our pets are unique in that we play our entire lives.The fact that humans and pets stay playful as adults is a significant part of what makes our relationship special. Just like people, dogs and cats need to relax and have fun in order to grow and thrive. Although play can be exciting and fun, we need to remember that our pets also need supervision. They need to learn the rules of play. We have a responsibility to make it clear to our pets, especially dogs, when it’s time to play and when it’s not. An excited dog can lose control, and lack of control can lead to aggression.

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