Needy Scarlett

Scarlett is one of the most challenging dogs I’ve worked with. She is very affectionate and clever, but has a lot of trouble controlling her emotions. She can be very fearful and anxious, requiring constant reassurance and positive reinforcement/encouragement. The challenge there is to temper that encouragement so as not to get her too riled up, which can result in an accident. Scarlett tends to urinate when excited or fearful!

A course of consistent, gentle behavior modification along with a confident canine role model to emulate, I believe Scarlett can acquire the confidence she lacks and alleviate her anxieties. I hope to have the chance to work with her again in the future.

In spite of it all, we became great pals, and I’ve had the chance to host Scarlett on several occasions. Her owner John was so happy with the experience that he took the time to leave a very nice testimonial.

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