Sedona & Yogi Montage

I have had the pleasure of hosting Sedona & Yogi several times now, and they have become two of my favorite guests. Sedona is a young, high-energy Australian Shepherd and Yogi is a 7 year old Toy Poodle – an unlikely pair for sure, but that’s part of what makes them so entertaining and endearing. Watching Yogi ‘protect’ Sedona from those at the dog park he doesn’t deem fit to play with her is quite amusing. She steps over him, knocks him out of the way, and does whatever she can to steal anything meant for him – treats, bones, and especially attention.

Sedona is a wonderfully sweet dog, but has definitely picked up some bad habits that require some training to fix. She is also a perfect example of what a huge responsibility high-energy breeds like Australian Shepherds can be. Without enough daily exercise and vigorous play, any progress made with obedience training can easily be forgotten.

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