Virtual Pet Tracking

Our pets are like our family – StickNFind helps keep them close.

With the StickNFind, you can create virtual pet tracking collars by attaching one of our location stickers to your furry friend’s tags.

Additionally, our “Virtual Leash” feature allows you to set an alarm that will sound if the sticker moves a certain distance away from your phone. Have multiple pets? Choose different alarms for individual stickers and set custom distances for each one.

Whether you are out in the park, running along a beach, or just relaxing at home, using the StickNFind as a cat or dog tracking system gives you peace of mind, even with rambunctious pets.

StickNFind keeps your pets safe: (1) notify your phone if your pets leave a designated “safe area”, (2) Sticker easily attached to most tags or collars, (3) StickNFind app supports multiple stickers for multiple pets, including custom boundaries and alerts for each pet.

Pet Prodigy is an affiliate partner of StickNFind, and earns a small commission for sales completed through this link. StickNFind produces a quality product recommended by Pet Prodigy.

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