Tug of War

In this video, previous guests Stanley (Pointer) and Capone (Pit) enjoy a good game of Tug ‘O War. While this can be a great game for many dogs to burn off excess energy, it should only be introduced with care.

For example, if your dog has ever displayed anger or a hint of aggression when you take away a toy or bone (or any other time for that matter), this is a game that should be avoided completely until the underlying issue is resolved. This type of game can encourage aggressive behavior if the dog already has a tendency to play too rough or has ever displayed any kind of hostility towards other dogs, no matter how slight.

Some owners have issues with their dog wanting to engage in ‘tug’ in inappropriate times, like when he has something in his mouth he shouldn’t. If you play Tug of War with a dog exhibiting this behavior, he may become confused – why can’t we play tug with this plastic water bottle I found in the trash?

Another thing to be aware of before engaging in this type of activity with your dog is his dental health. If your dog loves to tug and has a bad tooth, his enthusiasm for the game may lead him to play anyway, unintentionally exacerbating an underlying dental problem.

In most cases this is a perfectly healthy and fun way to entertain and exercise your dog. Make sure you purchase the right size rope/pull toy that will fit comfortably in his mouth and is durable enough for your particular breed and.

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