Guest Videos

  • Sage’s Great Catch

    Sage’s Great Catch

    Sage is a sweet, black and fluffy Australian Shepherd mix. She was a little shy at first, so I didn’t…

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  • Daisy’s Anxiety

    Daisy’s Anxiety

    This video features my latest guest, a very fearful and anxious little girl named “Daisy”. Once she became comfortable with…

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  • Yogi doing ???

    Yogi doing ???

    This is such a silly clip, I had to include it. I can’t exactly figure out what it is that…

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  • Sedona & Yogi Montage

    Sedona & Yogi Montage

    I have had the pleasure of hosting Sedona & Yogi several times now, and they have become two of my…

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  • Needy Scarlett

    Needy Scarlett

    Scarlett is one of the most challenging dogs I’ve worked with. She is very affectionate and clever, but has a…

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  • Ginger needs Attention

    Ginger needs Attention

    Ginger is the sweetest Boxer you’ll ever meet. Her owner, Kristin, was more than a little concerned about leaving her…

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  • Maizen’s Burns Calories

    Maizen’s Burns Calories

    At the time this little fuzzball showed up at my door for a weekend sleepover, I hadn’t had much experience…

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  • Dory & Reba

    Dory & Reba

    Dory & Reba stayed with me for a couple of weeks, and were an absolute pleasure to have around. I…

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  • Joey’s Greeting

    Joey’s Greeting

    I haven't always been the biggest fan of 'pocket-book dogs', but something about this little guy intrigued me from the…

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  • Brophy & Bailey

    Brophy & Bailey

    These two Dachshunds were a little shy when they first showed up, so I had to proceed with caution when…

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  • Tug of War

    Tug of War

    In this video, previous guests Stanley (Pointer) and Capone (Pit) enjoy a good game of Tug 'O War.

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  • Chachi vs. Piggy

    Chachi vs. Piggy

    Chachi, the Teacup Yorkie, loves to play tug of war. He loves the game so much that he will demand…

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