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Cats growing up
I’m about 4 years old here, snuggling with my 2 best pals.

I’ve had cats around the house for as long as I can remember. They would even sleep in my crib with me before I had an actual bed! For the first time ever, I am without my own cat and have decided to offer cat sitting and daycare services alongside my canine-related offerings. Of course cats are very different, and often become stressed when removed from familiar territory. I am an expert at relieving this stress, but That is why I do not offer daycare in my home. The back & forth travel is likely to produce more stress than leaving them alone for the day.

Most cat owners I speak to can point to several behaviors their cats engage in that are undesirable for some reason. They are destructive, spiteful, regularly disrupt sleep, etc. They speak of these issues as if that is just how cats are, and they’ve learned to live with it. In almost every situation there is a way to correct the behavior with just a little patience and consistency. While cats don’t possess the same desire to please us that dogs do, they are almost always acting out because one or more of their needs are not being met. This topic is discussed in depth in the Feline Behavior Primer.

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Service Location Details Rate
Boarding My home (North Tempe) If uncomfortable around dogs, they can easily be separated and have the entire 2nd level of the condo to themselves. Dogs not always present in the home. $20/night per cat
Daycare Your home Two one-hour visits per day. Includes feeding, litter change, loads of attention, playtime, and exercise. $20/day
  • 2-cat maximum for overnight boarding
  • No charge for additional cats during daycare visits
  • 10% off for second cat (overnight boarding only)
  • Services requiring travel to your home must be within 10 miles of my location
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